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Saamy Square is a 2018 Tamil languagae action masala fantasy film, written and directed by Hari and produced by Shibu Thameens. The film was released on 21 September 2018 along with its Telugu dubbed version titled Saamy and received mixed reviews from critics.

Cast & Crew

ikram as DCP Aarusaamy “Saamy” and Ramasaamy “Ram” IPS then ACP (Aarusaamy’s son) (Dual Role)
Keerthy Suresh as Diya Viswanathan
Aishwarya Rajesh as Bhuvana Aarusamy
Prabhu as G. Viswanathan
Bobby Simha as Raavana Pichai “Raavana”
John Vijay as Devendra Pichai
O. A. K. Sundar as Mahendra Pichai
Soori as Sakthi
Imman Annachi as Thangavelu
Ramesh Khanna as Punctuality Paramasivam
Delhi Ganesh as Srinivasan, Bhuvana’s Father
Sumitra as Bhuvana’s Mother
Uma Riyaz Khan as Noorjahan
Aishwarya as Shanthi
Sanjeev as Santhosh
Mohamed Absar as Ramji
Gunalan as Jayaraj
Praveena as bride’s mother
Charms as Sundaram
Sudha Chandran as Ilaiya Perumal (Perumal Pichai)’s wife
Thyagu as MLA Aiyarettu Sundaram
Bayilwan Ranganathan as Ilaiya Perumal (Perumal Pichai)’s supporter
Bala Singh as MLA Aatangkarai Shanmugam
Crane Manohar as Aarusaamy’s aid
Karna Radha as a police inspector
Jayamani as a police inspector
Indian Bhaskar as a rogue
Japan Kumar as gurka
Sri Latha as Punctuality Paramasivam’s wife
Singamuthu as a brahmin
Kota Srinivasa Rao in a special appearance as Ilaiya Perumal (Perumal Pichai)

Complete Story:

  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Aarusaamy “Saamy” (Vikram), who had been transferred out of Tirunelveli, now leads a happy life with his now-pregnant wife Bhuvana (Aishwarya Rajesh), who intends to pursue IAS.
  • However, this happy life is shaken when Perumal Pichai’s youngest son Raavana Pichai (Bobby Simha) finds out that his father is dead and not “hiding” from Saamy as claimed.
  • He leaves for Tirunelveli and takes charge of his father’s crime syndicate, wreaking havoc over the people of Tirunelveli.
  • Saamy applies for transfer to Tirunelveli to stop Raavana, which is accepted. But on the way to Tirunelveli, he and Bhuvana are hacked to death by Raavana and his elder brothers Mahendra Pichai (O. A. K. Sundar) and Devendra Pichai (John Vijay) to avenge the death of their father.
  • Before dying, Saamy manages to open his dead wife’s uterus and prematurely deliver his child, who turns out to be a boy, following which he passes away.
  • Twenty eight years later, the boy, whose name is Ramasaamy “Ram” (Vikram), lives in New Delhi, working as a front-end receptionist for an Union Minister G. Viswanathan (Prabhu).
  • He intends to pursue IAS as per the wishes of his maternal grandparents (Delhi Ganesh and Sumitra), who have raised him in a Brahmincal and non-violent manner so that he doesn’t end up as a police officer like his father.
  • One day, Ram meets Diya (Keerthy Suresh), Viswanathan’s daughter, who has returned from London after completing her studies.
  • Initially, both of them do not get along, but when Ram saves Diya from Raavana’s henchmen, who had kidnapped Diya after her father had double-crossed Raavana over some business dealings, Diya falls in love with Ram.
  • However, Ram stays aloof as Diya is the Minister’s daughter, but later he too reciprocates his feelings for her.
  • Ram passes the UPSC exam and leaves for Mussoorie for 1-year training.
  • After his return, his maternal grandparents are shocked to see that Ram has decided to pursue IPS instead of IAS after the training period and are further shocked on hearing that he has been posted in Tirunelveli.
  • However, they accept Ram’s decision and Ram leaves for Tiruneveli, where he decides to take on Raavana and his brothers with the help of the local police including his father’s right-hand man, Inspector “Punctuality” Paramasivam (Ramesh Khanna), whose wife had also died at the hands of Raavana and his brothers.
  • He razes Perumal Pichai’s statue, which had been illegally placed at an intersection by Raavana and caused lot of traffic problems.
  • With this incident, a cat-and-mouse game begins between Ram and Raavana, with both of them trying their best to get rid of each other.
  • Ram manages to kill Devendra Pichai and Mahendra Pichai but cleverly hides the evidence from everyone except Raavana. In retribution, Raavana and his men orchestrate a train accident which kills Viswanathan.
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